The history of the building

The former Konstantinidis tobacco warehouse is closely linked to the social history of Thessaloniki and is an outstanding sample of its architectural legacy.

During the first half of the 20th century the tobacco trade flourished in the city and became one of the most important branches of its economy. Specifically in the decades 1920-30, increased needs led to the construction of many tobacco warehouses which contributed to the change of the architectural landscape of Thessaloniki.

The building was finished in 1939 by Andronikos Konstantinidis, grandfather of the current owners. It operated as a tobacco warehouse until the 1960’s and was declared a protected building by the Ministry of Macedonia – Thrace in 2016. Its recent total makeover respected its character and highlighted its austere decorative elements: the horizontal bands above and below windows, as well as the vertical frame with the arch-shaped obliquity and the fanlight at the top, above the entrance of the building.

Today, to its central position at Mavili square, the former tobacco warehouse is again full of life, in an area of Thessaloniki which is being rebuilt and developing rapidly. Grandfather Konstantinidis’ inheritors made sure that the building covers completely the needs and the aesthetics of modern visitors, who combine a fine accommodation with their acquaintance with a very interesting aspect of the city’s history.

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